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Thailand Camp Experience Tour

MTB Asian Championship Spectator Tour

Singha Chiang Rai Challenge


【Target】         all cyclist who wish to see or join training

【organiser】      Bonne Chance Co.,Ltd


【Period】         from February 1 to February 10th

                             (mid-career participation, mid-career withdrawal possible)


【Hotel】          Nason-Resort 

                          address:  172 M.7 T.Nago A Thoeng C.Chiangrai Thailand 

















【how to come to chiang rai】         Please come to Chiang Rai International Airport on your own.

【cost】  500USD  including food expenses  420 USD Japan Asia Cycling Academy Supporters Club

(how to join?     Check


2nd Feb                 move to Nason resort  by car and cycling Nason resort

3rd Feb         Follow thai training                            Nason Resort

4th Feb                  MTB Asia championship                   Chiang Rai    

5th Feb                  MTB cross Country                      Nason Resort

6th Feb                  follow thai training                            Nason Resort

7th Feb                  Cycling for Chiang Rai                  Hotel Chinag Rai

8th Feb                  Participate Chiang Rai challenge                Hotel Chiang Rai

9th Feb                 Participate Chiang Rai challenge                Hotel Chiang Rai

10th Feb         departure from Chiang Rai airport

【How to apply】

  Please send email to

With Address




Telephone Number

length of stay.

Details will be sent.

day of cross-country, which is expected to be the 10th victory of Kohei Yamamoto, is the fifth day of the final day. We also incorporate this watching game.

Also, “Singha Beer Chiang Rai Challenge” will be held from February 8th to 9th, and MTB, Road and Watching Tour will be held this year.

After the race, there will be a party at the hotel

(people from the watching tour can participate).

The road course is coordinated by Shigeru Nakagawa, owner of the Thai training camp!


If you are also participating, please apply separately.

This is the deadline for December 20th.

For more information on “Singha Beer Chiang Rai Challenge”


Notes on participation

 Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

 Please obtain and manage overseas accident insurance.

Inquiry bellow

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