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4th stage dien bien phu


it was only 35km race 1.5km 24 laps.

at 3pm under strong sun shine race started.

Bilguunn make a break after many attacks but no one work with him.

so he leed alone.

after intermediate sprint at 8th lap. 3 riders escape.

then bilguuun attack again with one more riders but this rider did not work with him because his team mate is in front.

so bilguun could not catch top 3 riders and finished 4th place.

fujita finished 11th place.

unfortunately boy crush at last corner and go to hospital and did some stiches his chin.




1 huynh QK7

4 bilguun

11 fujita

12 ali

30 furukawa

43 kittidiet

general classfication

1 mirsamad (TLT)

2 sarda (VUS)

3 quang (TLT)

14 bilguunjargal

19 Ali

27 fujita

32 kittidiet

37 furukawa



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