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comment from team manager ve nong thon


I am very happy about this result.

just before we leave to hanoi to start dien bien phu , I got a invitation for this race and I decided to participate this race. but I was only one rider ,bilguun who is sure to start this race. when I ask to change the date of ticket for bilguun.

we did not have official invitation too.

after I ask thang to make his licence and ask riders on website.

at 1st I go apply from australia team from parth.

tim and matt is twin who save bilguun to keep sersey.

they are climber but has big potential on flat course too.

xavier was not in form but did his best during this tour.

thang crush at stage 4 badly but he teach us a lot about local teams and did his best.

last day , we did not had time to warm up and tim and matt was not in form.

but bilguun was strong enough to control the group alone.

so this team was so ideal for me.

we help each other and do what one can do.

and all was happy to keep bilguun leader jersey and team classification.

thanks for all.





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