comment from riders (Ve Nong Thon stage 4)


Өнөөдөр 58км уралдлаа багийн ажиллагаа урд өдрүүдээс сайн байлаа гэхдээ 86 дугаартай тамирчин цагаа 10 секунд нөхсөн байна.

Tim Harvey

Stage 4 was a crit around a 3 km hot dog circuit. The race was fast and strung out for most of the 54km some groups of 2 and 3 tried to get of the front. we road The front of the race and on the last couple of laps Brought it back together for a bunch kick

Matt Harvey

Stage 4 The first crit of the tour. The course was a 4km hot dog it was a good race for the team as we all road the front and had control over the peloton. We didn’t let any brakes get away but kept the group spred out . This was so we could stop moves from going and also keep the race safe for our riders. It came down to a bunch kick. We’re we managed to keep the yellow Jersey and 1st in team classification


Stage 4 was a short 54km crit around a 3km course. It was quite a hard race with 2 hair pin turns each lap. We rode very well as a team today to protect the yellow jersey and made sure that somebody was always around our leader to help him out. We didn’t lose any time today which was our goal and we are starting to gel very well as a team which is a big plus


Hôm nay tôi đã cố gắng để hoàn thành chặng hôm nay tôi đã bị ngợp và rất khó chịu khi thi đấu đoạn đường như vậy và các vận động viên đội khác đã tấn công rất nhiều các thành viên đội chúng ta đã phải làm việc khá là vất vả! Đến bây giờ tình hình sức khỏe của tôi đã dần ổn định lại để tiếp tục chặng đua ngày mai. Xin cảm ơn




フランスから帰国した寺田選手が10月23日(土)全日本選手権アンダー23カテゴリーに出走します。 フランスでは集中したシーズンの疲れから、完全燃焼して帰国しましたが超回復して挑む全日本選手権。期待しましょう! 先日は宮澤崇史さんの率いるレオモの合宿にも参加させていただき、いい刺激になったようです。 以下、本人のコメントです。 「全日本選手権ロードレースに出場します! フランスから帰国して約1ヶ月帰