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comment from riders(ve nong thon stage3)

matt harvey

Stage 3 Today we had a clear mission too keep the yellow Jersey we new we had to ride the front. But from km1 the race was on with lots off little attacks what we decided to bring back slowly to keep the group under control. It’s not the easy thing to do as we’re use to riding hard and bring it back quickly but today we were pulling over 5 min turns too keep the team fresh. We had some member felling it more then outhers leaving 3 of us chopping off with the outher 2 looking after the middle of the peloton. We had some scary moments where the road just disappeared and we left with holes of sand and rocks. We stopped any brakes from getting away leaving it to be a group kick we controlled it over the last 10 km. Hit the sprint this was sketchy and hard just trying to not go down. Over all it was not a pretty race and wasn’t a 100% how we planned but the job was done and we’re still in yellow and win teams classification


Hôm nay các đội đã tấn công rất quyết liệt và đội chúng ta đã làm việc rất vất vả và đội chúng ta đã giữ được áo vàng và đồng đội tình sức khỏe của tôi rất ổn xin cảm ơn chúc đội ngày mai thi đấu thật tốt.

xavier cooper

Stage 3 started out very fast and we as a team did our best to control it. It was a hard race due to the very bumpy narrow roads but the team did a great job. We were maybe too aggressive in chasing down every move and wasting some energy, especially at the start. I think that tomorrow we will race better and learn more as the race goes on, especially how best to defend the yellow jersey


Өнөөдөр 73 kм уралдлаа.Мaнай баг лидерлэж байгаа болохоор уралдааны удирдлага санаачилгийг авч уралдахыг хичээлээ бид өнөөдөр цамцаа хадгалсан.





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