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comment from riders( ve nong thon stage 1 )


race impression of riders


Өнөөдөр 70км уралдлаа өнөөдөр маш олон хийлцээн тасралтууд боллоо энд ганц байгаа гадаад баг нь манай баг болмоор Вьетнам багууд нийлж бидний эсрэг уралдаж байна. Сүүлийн 2км манай баг бөөн группийн урд байсан сүүлийн 500 метр урдуура нөмрүүлж би 9т орлоо.

tim harvey

Day 1 was a really hot day that Took some of the power out of the legs. The race started with lots of attacks and a breakaway forming the race was aggressive all day coming down to a bunch sprint


Stage 1 started out very fast with lots of attacks on very narrow bumpy roads. My legs didn’t feel very good and I struggled in the heat. I tried to follow a few attacks but I struggled because it was so hot so I spent a lot of time at the back. I tried to help Matt lead out bilguun but we started to early and only managed 9th.

matt harvey

Stage 1 Day one was extremely hot but we had a good team that was very excited to race together . The race didn’t go quite to plan as we were not sure about the sprit points and some of the markings on the road but we tried our best . There were lots of attacks and Sketchy moments as expected in the first day but it settled down after about 20km and we started to find out who the strong guys in the race were. The peloton wouldn’t let any moves go to far up the road this made the finish a sprint this wasn’t ideal but we lead it out with about 3 km to go thinking we only had a few hundred metres but we dug deep and we committed to the lead out pulling of a top ten





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